Video: King 810 – ‘Alpha & Omega’

By August 25, 2016 News, Videos, Videos Of The Week

KING 810 have released ‘Alpha & Omega’, second gripping track from their forthcoming album, ‘la petite mort or a conversation with god’.  ‘Alpha & Omega”s official music video was conceptualised and directed by KING 810 frontman David Gunn and was shot in an abandoned church in Detroit, MI.

King 810 small


Produced by Josh Schroeder, Justyn Pilbrow and KING 810 and recorded in Bay City, Michigan, ‘la petite mort or a conversation with god’ finds KING 810 taking listeners deep into the dark heart of Flint.  Far from a re-tread of their acclaimed debut, ‘la petite mort…’ – translating to ‘the little death’ – is an inspired, holistic body of work that marks a profound evolutionary leap for the restless, driven souls of KING 810.

The title itself is a reference to the duel themes of the records:  the real life violence and despair of Flint that fuels frontman David Gunn’s narrative and secondly, the steady desensitisation and terminal closing down of the human spirit experienced when confronted with those real life conditions.  Entwined around that conceptual core is an omnipresent haze of dark sexuality and desperation that provides ‘la petite mort….’ with some of its most unnerving moments.

Watch the video for ‘Alpha & Omega’ here: