Strange Bones announce new single, ‘Ten Guns’

By Dom Smith
By April 14, 2020 Manchester, News

Blackpool experimental punks STRANGE BONES have just released their colossal EP BLITZ PART 2, and to mark the occasion they’ve dropped an isolation visualiser for new single TEN GUNS which showcases a new dimension to their sound.

Vocalist Bobby discusses the track meaning, “It’s about forgetting how to breathe, understanding mistakes. It’s an acknowledgement of reality, consequential in moving forward. Finding no peace when your head is a minefield”.

“I hate the phrase ‘guitar music’. It’s not dead, it’s not breathing. It’s music. Everything that once was, will be again, in one shape or form”, smiles STRANGE BONES vocalist and commander Bobby Bentham, “Ever since I started writing, I’ve always loved the idea of exploring every single back alley I could. A korg prodigy or a matchbox guitar – if I can get a mad sound out of it, I’m going to use it”. His words ring true in STRANGE BONES latest offering BLITZ PART 2. It’s a short but seismic soundsphere that captures everything that the Blackpool band embodies – hard graft, unpredictability, frenzied and adrenaline-drenched stage presence, all whilst blurring the lines between venomous punk and crushingly heavy electronica.

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