Band Spotlight: Liily

By Dom Smith
By July 30, 2021 Features, Interviews, News

Vocalist Dylan Nash talks us through Liily‘s present motivations. 

How are you today?

D] Hi, we’re good! Just excited to release new music it’s been a long time.

What does success mean to you as artists?

D] Success for us is defined by having the ability throughout our career to make records that we want to make that also show our growth as artists and human beings while having strong loyal fan base (no matter how big or small) supporting that growth.

How do you look back at ‘I Can Fool Anybody In This Town’?

D] We tend to see it as a growth period in our life, those songs were all written at the end of our teens, we understand the influence and the place we were at the time but we’ve grown exponentially as not only musicians but human beings. Our philosophies are so different now that it’s hard to say there was a real meaning behind the songs as they were more in existence created by the urge to get songs out into the world.

How important is the visual aspect of what you do?

D] We deem it very important to have a strong visual aspect. That goes for everything we do whether it’s videos, photos, posters, or merch it can’t be misrepresentative of the music as they all need to be consistent with one another or else it won’t be believable not for just the crowd but for us. Sam does all of our videos and does an amazing job capturing the essence of these songs and creating an atmosphere for the music to breath a new life.

Has the mission statement of the band changed at all since you guys started out?

D] Our mission statement has definitely changed from starting out, mostly because we didn’t really have one until after “I can fool anybody in this town” came out. As our influences became more present we started to realize that it’s super important not to settle and to make music that has integrity being that we take ourselves seriously has human beings, we needed to have that same philosophy when it comes to writing songs. We’re still trying to find a perfect balance of seriousness and creativity because we don’t want either to start stunting the growth of the music.

Are there any plans to visit the UK soon, and what are you most excited about?

D] We definitely want to go back to the UK as we had great times there but as of right now nothing is set in stone. We’re most of all just excited to play our first shows in almost 2 years, our live show is one of the more important aspects of our band and it’s definitely hit us hard that we weren’t allowed to play for this long. Not only that but we’re excited to play our new songs for everyone, we’re super proud of this record that we wrote and want to add new life to it by playing them to a crowd.

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