Pleasure Centre discuss Scarborough’s music scene, sonic progression

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How are you guys doing??

We’re doing great, thank you! We’ve all just moved into Leeds for uni which is a pretty big change up from our Scarborough. We miss the sea quite a bit, we didn’t realise how much of a difference it made. But moving to a city has really emphasised the idea that we’re going somewhere with this.

How do you define success as a band?

We haven’t thought much about success for our band or as a band. We have always just got what we needed and got things we needed done like gigs or making merch and all that. I mean we’ve seen the increase in attention to our socials and all that and just seeing people like our stuff across like quite a few different platforms is pretty mad. If you’re asking what success might be I think that’s just when we can make music and feel happy about it and if it can give us a life really.

How do you feel about the success of ‘Blue (Bertha)?

Blue(Bertha) was a big moment for us when it released because we had proper backing and promo with videos and so much to help it release and grow and we think it did that well enough. That was our first time recording a song in a studio as well so it was a completely new experience for most of us in the band and showed us what we could start doing and all the different possibilities.

What’s the scene like in Scarborough at the moment?

Even though we aren’t in Scarborough for a while now, the scene was where it all started so we never want to leave it. Scarborough is quite a dead-end town and the music scene that started forming with our band and a couple others a few years ago really boosted some venues and gave people an idea that there could be something worth hearing up the Yorkshire Coast and we’re so proud of everyone back home that was a part of it. The scene from that time has broken up somewhat but ‘Seattle on the Mantle’ is a Scarborough band, one of our members used to play with in a different band. Those boys have got the best lo-fi sad sound you’ll hear, and they should still be pushing the scene back home. The Scarborough scene was like a family to all of us and we hope it stays that way…

Talk us through your mission statement as a band?

Like mentioned before I think we aim to be the best at making our sound and what we have in our heads, lately we’ve played many gigs that have been insane and amazing, but it took away the time to write and record which is something we want to prioritise as much as gigging, like we’re all just in our bedrooms making some tunes that we can get out there for people to hear. I think our main mission statement is to make music that satisfies all of us in the band creatively and ten take that music to a place where we can travel and perform it. To live off of music that we’ve wanted to make for years would mean everything to us.

What motivates you outside of music? Think specific people, places, games for example?

Alot of us in the band like the arts and photography quite alot with Aneela doing a Fashion photography course at uni, I think the the mix of music with visuals and other medias just makes it a whole experience, we want our shows for example eventually to be a full show not just song after song and when we all have so many ideas that really goes hand in hand. Moreover, we all love film and conceptual visual media. We all want to mix in so much with the music, it’s all one big experience for ourselves and hopefully the future audience. I think our seaside hometown also influences and inspires us a lot. It is quite a depressing place for young people if you don’t have something to do so making music is a vehicle for all of us to escape trying to take in just our surroundings but at the same time that is part of the themes and elements we add to the music.

What have you got coming up?

By End of this year we will be ready so you’ll see.. Eventually!

Thanks so much for your time!!

The band’s new single, ‘Opener’ is out now, and showcases the decadence and overall sheen of The Jesus and Mary Chain, combined with the post-punk grit of Bauhaus. We’re expecting huge things from these new bright hopes for alternative music in Yorkshire.

Check it out below:


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