In our latest Band Interview, we chat to Jim Heffy from Snake Eyes.

S] How are you guys doing?

J] We’re very well thanks! All in good health.

S] What are the biggest challenges for you guys (outside of Covid) at the moment?

J] Not being able to practice or play shows has been far from ideal but it’s given us time to work on other bits. I’m able to write songs remotely and then send the demos over to the other guys so we’ve been getting by and staying creative.

S] ‘Listen’ is a banger. What ideas went into that?

J] I had the guitar riff for a while in various different forms and it was a song I felt just needed putting out. It’s written about a housemate I had who wasn’t the nicest of characters. Feels like it’s got those QOTSA vibes which I dig.

S] What about ‘Skeletons’?

J] This was a track that just seemed to fall in my lap. Super simple but kinda wrote itself and felt like the centrepiece to this first EP, hence it being the title track. The tracks message is simply one of anti-discrimination.

S] How do you guys define success, what does it mean to you?

J] I mean, I suppose when you can afford to live just off the back of your music – that’s the dream – but we feel so fortunate for the amount of support we’ve received and for the people who have checked out our band so far. We’re just so stoked on how our songs have been received so feel like this first EP has been a success in itself!

S] If you could rip out any existing soundtrack and replace it with your tunes, what would you pick, and why?

J] Maybe Eastbound and Down? Danny McBride playing Kenny Powers is just the best and reckon our tunes could work well!

S] Thanks guys!!

J] Thank you!

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