Billy Lunn talks becoming a better person, new Subways music and his thoughts on the band’s legacy

The Subways’ Billy Lunn talks to Dom Smith about the work he has done on himself to become a “better” person, new music, the band’s new line-up and more. Very exciting times!

On the band’s success, Billy finds it difficult to quantify: “it was difficult to gauge success. It was a whirlwind. We were doing Conan, and on the O.C and then touring Australia and playing with Jack White and Iggy Pop. At the same time it always felt like, ‘Oh, I’m not as successful as this band, or this artist. Eventually, I became more at peace. I realised that being able to wake up every morning and play music for a living is success.”

On lessons learned through being in the industry: “I was very single-minded when I was younger [during ‘Young For Eternity’] and now I have got to a stage where I am like, ‘music is dead important to me, but I love my family too. I wanna be there for them. I feel like I’ve been on a ‘jolly’ for the last 15 years! It’s time to step back, hand over the mic and be there for my friends and family.”

Billy comments on the work that he is doing now to become a better person: “I’ve not always been the best person. I’ve betrayed a lot of people in my life, and what keeps my head above water is the knowledge that I WANT to be a better person. If you know that, then that’s fantastic. We are not complete pictures or finished stories.”

On former member Josh [Morgan] leaving the band, and the arrival of Camille Phillips: “I was heartbroken. Though, I understood that it was important for Josh to be there for his girlfriend, and daughter and to pursue his own musical dreams, whatever they might be.

“When we played our first song with Camille, both myself and Charlotte [Cooper] looked at each other and just went, ‘This is new isn’t it?!’ Over such a short time she has become our best friend, and we love her so much. We played our first European show with her last month, and it was an absolute dream!”

On the development of new music for The Subways, Billy is super enthusiastic: “I hope people enjoy listening to it, as much as we enjoyed making it. I know that Charlotte had loads of fun, and she’s a big fan of harmony, and a big fan of keys! Piecing this album together was like painting this portrait but with jigsaw puzzles and working out how to fit everything in. How is this coming together?!! Once Adrian Bushby mixed it though, we realised it was going to work!”

Listen to the full chat featuring Billy’s favourite new bands, and further deep reflections below. Thanks!!