Decimated By ChickenFrog unleash ferocious new track, ‘Rubicon Raw’

By December 21, 2021 December 30th, 2021 Culture, News

Music and love go hand in hand, sometimes quite literally. Throughout the history of modern music many romantic couple have made unique music together and this is no exception.

Decimated By ChickenFrog is a romantic partnership come electronic music duo from Leeds, UK who’s two members go by the monikers “Bunny Rabbit” and “Mr Cat”, eschewing the shackles of genre and personal identity in favour of anonymity and complete artistic freedom.

Their debut track ‘Rubicon Raw’ fuses aggressive Drum n Bass and eclectic sampling with crushing doom metal guitar and ethereal vocals. The result is as otherworldly as it is refreshing in the current climate of artists jockying for position in a saturated market.

“The idea for Decimated By ChickenFrog was born out of a complete loss on interest in the competition of the creative world making way for a burning desire to just make art that we enjoy, just for the sake of it. Just exploring our imaginations and not caring what anyone thinks.” explains Mr Cat, a sentiment that echoes loudly in their decidedly minimalist video for the track Rubicon Raw.

“The lyrics for the track give you a tiny glimpse into the connection between us, It’s essentially a love letter.” says Bunny Rabbit. “Music and art is a big part of what binds us. Making this music is one of the many ways we indulge in each other’s beauty and darkness.”

Rubicon Raw is available for to purchase on Bandcamp: