Fixation announce new album “More Subtle Than Death”, out in September

By Dan Carver
By June 29, 2023 Culture, News

One of most promising new bands in the rock and metal scene, Fixation, has announced their debut album “More Subtle Than Death”, which will be released on the 8th September.

Promo Image: Fixation

As well as their debut album, Fixation will be touring Europe with their new album in October together with Annisokay.

The nine-track album delves into subjects such as mental health, climate crisis and social criticism. It aims to deliver a thought-provoking journey that demands attention from the listener.

Fixation states:

“We didn’t want to limit ourselves to one particular sound, although the album sounds like Fixation as a whole, there are songs that are more poppy, more heavy, more grandiose and symphonic and more straight forward rock songs. The subjects in the songs are things that frightens and worries us about the state of the world today. These are things that we want to see change in.”

Promo Image: Fixation

Fixation combines electronic elements, stadium rock and post-metal, as well as drawing inspiration from Bring Me the Horizon, Architects and Muse. With their rising popularity and an exciting year ahead, Fixation aims to stake their claim as a rising force in the music scene.