Hang Linton shares ‘Blue Light Hike’, released via Come Play With Me and EMI North

By Dom Smith
By March 13, 2023 March 14th, 2023 Featured, Leeds, News

Driven by post-funk breakbeats and a gritty, staccato bassline; Hang Linton’s latest release ‘Blue Light Hike ft. Infinite Livez’ sees the avant-garde artist firing on all cylinders. Having cut his teeth in Berlin as a multidisciplinary artist across numerous projects and collectives, Linton has crash landed back in the UK and is certainly making his uncompromising presence known.

‘Blue Light Hike’ marks the first release from the exciting new partnership between award-winning non-profit music development organisation Come Play With Me and EMI North, the first physical major label office to open outside London. Together, they intend to champion the rich seam of musical talent in the north by providing vital opportunities and long-term support within the industry for creatives who, like Hang Linton, are not based in the convenience of the capital.

Having survived a ‘cult-like pyramid scheme’ only to fall headlong into the cutthroat world of contemporary capitalism, Linton’s eclectic creative output suggests a new way of thinking; a rebellion against the necessity of clean aesthetics and established order that instead addresses the injustices and ugliness of the world head on.

 ‘Blue Light Hike’ is Hang’s recount after being hassled by the Berlin police, simply for walking down the street. Three days prior to a Black Lives Matter Protest in 2020, Hang was walking home with their pregnant partner when they were aggressively profiled and in an attempt to assert control, detained by police. Hang developed this track as a form of therapy & protest. 

As part of the release there will be a limited series of artwork prints available by Ellis Lewis-Dragstra & Luci Pina. The proceeds from the prints will be donated to Stopwatch and Black Minds Matter. 

Prints available via www.hanglinton.com

Ever a prolific collaborator, Linton invites the equally eccentric Infinite Livez, to guest on ‘Blue Light Hike’ as the offending police officer. (Inf) renders the policeman in an uneasy pastiche that immediately undermines the perceived authority he has over Hang and his partner but, as the skit continues, leaves the listener with the uncomfortable impression that the officer is completely oblivious to the consequences of his actions and safely removed from any repercussions. Bursting with unapologetic and unfiltered energy, ‘Blue Light Hike’ is impossible to ignore; things are not all pretty out there and Hang Linton is making sure we take notice.

Equipped with a sprawling array of synths, samplers and visual effects, Hang has been commanding the attention of audiences across the UK at numerous festivals and on tour opening for like-minded experimental artiste and recent Zen FC signee Baba Ali.

‘Come Play With Breed, Vol 1’ will be released 26th May and feature tracks from Hang Linton, Fehlt, Claudia Fenoglio, TIRIKILATOPS & exclusive spoken word pieces from Jack Collins and English Teacher’s Lily Fontaine. Available to preorder now.

Come Play With Breed, Vol 1 is supported by Breed Media.

Hang Linton on ‘Blue Light Hike’:

“I believe everyone has the right to walk down the street without being harassed. I believe that young people should not be assaulted by adults in positions of power. I believe that the UK and Europe have issues with the racist policing and profiling of individuals. The same issues that have happened for decades, still happen today and we need to move towards change.”