Watch: Let Man Loose ‘Two Way Glass’

By Sophie Walker
By July 16, 2019 Hull, News, Watch

Hull-hailing Let Man Loose take aim at the poisoned chalice of Insta-culture with their latest single, ‘Two Way Glass’. The concoction of snarling riffs, infectious melodies and vocalist Marc Ainley’s colloquial drawl makes for a vitriolic attack on a generation hell-bent on unattainable standards of perfection.

“I feel I want to tear down this façade on ‘Two Way Glass'”, Marc explains. “People often think the deception is impenetrable, but it’s far more transparent than it seems. I’m as guilty of it as anyone else, broadcasting my life in the best light with my own personal showreel. It’s as important as ever to realise that everyone’s at it and not to use it as a barometer to compare your own growth against others.”

The release of the track’s accompanying visuals cleverly consolidates the concept Let Man Loose are hitting home: “Advertising your knack for capturing the lighting / Fingertip tap dancing to get everything right Disguising a real lack of anything exciting / Shutterbugs advancing to take another bite”, Ainley croons over propulsive guitarwork.

The music video shows Let Man Loose performing live, with the audience living vicariously through their phones – and thus, so are we. It’s an uncomfortably accurate portrayal of the way we are all guilty of broadcasting and enhancing the exciting parts of our lives, rather than seizing these moments and living for them.

Catch Let Man Loose on their upcoming dates:

July 11th, Trinity Live, Hull / August 4th, Humber Street Sesh, Hull / August 21st, The Fulford Arms, York

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