JULY TALK announce new album ‘Remember Never Before’

By Dom Smith
By October 5, 2022 Culture, News

July Talk are today announcing their new album, Remember Never Before, and sharing a video for new single ‘After This’, as well as two other new songs ‘Certain Father’ and ‘Hold’.

Pre-order Remember Never Before here.

Watch the video for ‘After This’ below.

Produced by Kevin Drew, album opener ‘After This’ is driven by intuition, its frenetic energy setting the tone and pace. July Talk is starting anew. With a scientist’s eye and a survivor’s heart, listen for a voice from the past guiding the song through to its chaotic release.

‘Certain Father,’ featuring Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes, Sunset Rubdown), embraces extreme anti-melodic dissonance as it faces the discomfort of acknowledging That Guy. ‘Certain Father’ posits that we uphold the patriarchy even when we don’t want to, even when we know better, out of comfort, out of fear, out of habit, out of being born into the systems that maintain these mechanisms. Squelchy and industrial in equal measure, ‘Certain Father’ is a beacon in the sludge, a message of hope to those who engage in conflict with this paradigm.

‘Hold’ is both an outlier, like nothing July Talk has done before, and the blood-pumping heart of the triple offering. A love song, a testament to patience, a CCFX’s ‘The One To Wait’ vibe quest, the song was borne in the strange swirling air of disagreement. “Love can be so critical,” it goes, and through this truth, it finds its path to connection, without judgment.

Remember Never Before, produced by Graham Walsh, Kevin Drew + Ian Dochertywill be released January 20, 2023.