Listen to Art Versus Industry’s resounding version of Massive Attack’s, ‘Teardrop’

By Dom Smith
By October 24, 2022 Culture, News

Avi Ghosh (Art Versus Industry) has returned with a proud and powerful statement of intent, in the form of a stunning, industrialised cover of Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’ – listen below:

On the track, Avi comments: “hello. it’s been a minute. hard to believe the last time we’ve engaged in this medium was over a decade ago. the uncertain global times have caused me to re-emerge from this self inflicted dormancy. this time around- my hope is to strengthen our direct relationship. the conversation of ideals and values could not be more critical than any other time in our observed history. the only tools i’ve had to interpret the chaos amidst us is through honest expression via the only vehicle of truth that has understood me: music. i chose to release an exclusive cover through our friends in soundsphere as they’ve always stood behind the artist in the purest of ways. the underground is the place i revere the most – a place for us to meet without any judgement where dialogue can truly be free. i chose “teardrop” to be the first song you hear from me as it’s always represented the juxtaposition of the beauty and darkness that coexists in the pursuit of “love.” 

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Listen to ‘Tear Drop’ below: