Chimp Spanner announces EP release for 2012

By November 24, 2011 January 31st, 2016 London

Progressive metal multi-instrumental virtuoso Paul Antonio Ortiz, aka Chimp Spanner, will be further raising the bar of the sonically epic with the release of his stunning new ‘All Roads Lead Here’ EP on February 6, 2012, via Basick Records.


In addition to the CD and digital formats, a strictly limited edition clear transparent vinyl version will be available, with the exclusive addition of the ‘Supereroremix’ EP.

‘All Roads Lead Here’ features six new tracks, which in true Chimp style, range from the luscious and beautiful to the twisted and sinister, with the stunning three-part centrepiece ‘Mӧbius’ showing off his immense talent for gripping arrangements. And as expected, the EP flows like a groove driven atmospheric sci-fi soundtrack, as Paul himself explains:


“I’m really happy with how the EP turned out! It was kind of hard at first to find a sound that progressed and evolved nicely from At The Dream’s Edge’, but I think making some of the songs a bit darker helped to set them apart from all the glossy futurism of the previous album. The three part song, ‘Mӧbius’, is still spacey and sci fi inspired (as you can tell from the awesome artwork by Daniel Wagner), but it’s also got some more personal themes going on too. I hope you guys enjoy this record – I can’t wait to get out there and play it!”

The vinyl exclusive ‘Supereroremix’ EP features remixes of the opening track from the critically acclaimed ‘At The Dream’s Edge’ album by a diverse collection of producers – Chuter, TimfyJames, The Algorithm, and Tanuki. With versions ranging from ambient chill-out to driving drum n bass, this is a powerful and unique collection of tracks; a must listen for all those with a taste for rocked up electronica. Check out The Algorithm remix at this link.


‘Dark Age of Technology’, taken from the EP, will also be available on Basick Records’ exclusive Amazon sampler, which will be available for free on from December 12.


1 – ‘Dark Age Of Technology’
2 – ‘Engrams’
3 – ‘Mӧbius Pt I’
4 – ‘Mӧbius Pt II’
5 – ‘Mӧbius Pt III’
6 – ‘Cloud City’
7 – ‘Supererogation (Chuter Remix)’ – vinyl version only
8 – ‘Supererogation (TimfyJames Remix)’ – vinyl version only
9 – ‘Supererogation (The Algorithm Remix)’ – vinyl version only
10 – ‘Supererogation (Tanuki Remix)’ – vinyl version only


For more information visit the official Chimp Spanner website.