Cradle Of Filth release their gospel on Halloween

By August 25, 2009 January 15th, 2017 London

Cradle Of Filth, arguably the nation’s favourite black metal band are to release a book titled, ‘The Gospel Of Filth‘ on Halloween this year.


The book will be written by journalist Gavin Baddeley (‘Dissecting Marilyn Manson‘) and the band’s vocalist, Dani Filth.

Baddeley commented, “Exploring every aspect of Cradle Of Filth was just the first step in a journey which takes us to the furthest reaches of the dark side. The result is, I believe a definitive Gothic guidebook…”

Dani Filth added, “This book is the result of five years of painstaking research and investigation into the far-flung corners of the occult, the realms of literal darkness and all things fun, fearful and macabre.” He concluded, “This book stands like a roadmap to Hell and beyond.”

The book also includes a look at dark art and writing along with exclusive interviews with historian Peter Ackroyd, filmmaker Dario Argento, artist JK Potter and author Simon Marsden.

For more information visit the official website.

To whet your appetite, check the video out for ‘The Death Of Love‘ below: