Deluxe treatment for Diamond Head LP

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By October 18, 2011 London

A seminal album by a UK heavy metal act, cited as an influence on Metallica, is receiving a deluxe edition re-issue.


‘Lightning To The Nations’ (or ‘The White Album’) by Stourbridge’s Diamond Head, originally released in 1980, has been remastered and packaged along with a second CD of the band’s singles. The band are cited by Metallica as one of their inspirations.


The tracklist for the deluxe edition, released on November 14, is:




1. ‘Lightning To The Nations’

2. ‘The Prince’

3. ‘Sucking My Love’

4. ‘Am I Evil?’

5. ‘Sweet And Innocent’

6. ‘It’s Electric’

7. ‘Helpless’




1. ‘Shoot Out The Lights’

2. ‘Streets Of Gold’

3. ‘Waited Too Long’

4. ‘Play It Loud’

5. ‘Diamond Lights’

6. ‘We Won’t Be Back’

7. ‘I Don’t Got’

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