Poem: Jemima Mitra – ‘Labels’

By June 18, 2020 Health, News

Am I “aggressive”? Or am I just firm?

Is our conversation “heated”? Or is it just honest?

When your discomfort comes for your neck

Don’t tell people I hung you.


You have been taught free speech,

But also, to fear it from a brown mouth.

You quote peaceful speeches

Only to conceal the assassinations.


I am tired of censoring myself

To protect other’s feelings.

My people, my community, are dying;

You are not the only one who’s hurting.


Politeness never gets us anywhere,

Sometimes you have to make people care.

So, when I make noise and raise my voice,

Please understand that I have no other choice.


Don’t dictate what I’m trying to do.

If this was all happening to you,

You know deep down

That you’d be angry too.