SCALPING share epic first-person video game inspired video for track ‘Tether’ feat. DÆMON

By May 19, 2022 Manchester, News

Following the release of their debut album ‘Void’ to rapturous critical acclaim, and straight from their sold out headline show at fabric earlier this month and a fantastic show at The Great Escape. SCALPING share the video for album single ‘Tether’ and a string of new live dates.

The track features Oakland-based vocalist and experimenter DÆMON, whose kinetic, aggressive, and demonic futurist emcee vocals take centre stage and elevate the chugging industrial instrumental. 

DÆMON aka Jahsiri Asabi-Shakir uses lyricism as a means to express a full spectrum of emotions, abstract ideas, and social commentary. DÆMON draws from his personal experience for inspiration in a dissociative, non-committal manner, illustrating vivid imagery through storytelling and an array of literary devices.

“For the music video, we really wanted to emulate a computer game and push the digital world. So we went with a first-person POV, and it all falls apart by the end. It provides a certain nostalgia to the eras of DOOM and other games from our generation.” Jamie Harding.

“Tether was the first song that came together for the album back before the first lockdown and really felt like the start of the next chapter of the band.

Almost immediately we knew we wanted to get vocals on this track and we were tearing our hair out trying to find vocalists who felt appropriate. Between hearing DÆMON’s ‘DXE’ EP on Infinite Machine and his lyrics often centered around technology it seemed like an obvious fit.

After months of back and forth across continents and various versions of demos being spliced together, we eventually landed on a version of the vocals which showcased so many of DÆMON’s vocal styles but still left space for the track to breathe. The final vocals were recorded remotely in a studio in Paris.

This was the first Scalping track with vocals to be finished and we’re really excited about doing more features again in the future.” SCALPING

On ‘Void’, SCALPING are heavy metal in 4D; the sound is moody, distorted and rhythmic, but the use of electronic techniques gives the finer details room to breathe. Their early lust for “all loudness, no nuance” has cooled, too, making more space for experimentation. Tracks such as “Tether”, featuring Oakland rapper DÆMON, puts a modern, metal twist on Bristolian trip-hop.

New dates are below:

Wide Awake – 27th May 

Dot to Dot (Bristol) – 28th May

Dot to Dot (Nottingham) – 29th May 

Standon Calling – 22nd July 

RESET Festival – 29th July 

Micro Festival – 5th August

Manchester Psych Festival – 3rd September 

End of the Road – 4th September 

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