The Ducks are the weirdest band we’ve ever heard.

By Dom Smith
By January 28, 2023 January 30th, 2023 Features, Interviews, News

Prog-rock nutters, The Ducks are a weird, weird band. What makes ’em tick? Find out here.

S] What does success mean to The Ducks?

I guess it’s just being able to create stuff, whether that be music, videos or artwork and for some people to dig it. That seems to be the case, so we’d consider that a success!

S] How important is the image of The Ducks?

Image is integral to The Ducks. The aesthetic is deliberately manicured and ties in with the music. We take a holistic approach to the band. So, there’s the music and then an aesthetic that fits with that.

S] Do The Ducks have any long-term goals as a band?

Not especially, just to keep making music and other weird shit.

S] As an extension of that, what is the mission statement of The Ducks, and how has it changed?

I don’t think we really have a mission statement. Just keep on making music and weird shit. That’s it really. We subscribe to the DIY ethic. We make all our own shit, mainly with stuff we find or is given to us, whether that be artwork or costumes. We do all our own videos.

S] How do you feel about the reception for ‘Enter The Cloaca’ since its release?

People who’ve heard it, love it, so that’s great to hear. There’s been a couple of reviews and they’ve been positive. To be honest, we’ve not really sent it out anywhere or put any money behind promoting it. To write the songs, get it recorded, and realised, is enough really. As there are only 2 of us it cost us a pretty penny to record the album and then to get it mixed and mastered. Big shout out to David Lawrie, who did a super job on the mixing, by the way.

S] What’s the inspiration behind a track like ‘Give God A Bone’?

That’s a good question for us, as it’s not one of our ‘stupid songs’, ha ha……Give God a Bone is a gentle dig at religion and also a doth of the cap to Diogenes, who was a Greek philosopher, who was nicknamed The Dog. I guess the main statement in that song is about self-determination.

S] What is your message for The Ducks’ supporters?

Get your prostate checked.

S] Anything I have missed?

Our debut album ‘Enter The Cloaca’ is out now on all stealing (streaming) services or you can buy it on Bandcamp. It’s a rotten songbook for wrong uns.