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By Paddy Beer
By March 1, 2016 Best Of, Blogs, Music, News, York

The only band to have recently come out of York is, Shed Seven, and if you spent one week amongst the York scene you would scratch your head wondering why that is.



York’s  music scene is at its peak with great venues and masses of great bands. There are venues scattered all around the city of York all with their own unique feel and atmosphere. Some of the stand out venues are: The Winning Post, it’s a medium sized venue that has been newly opened but is one to keep an eye out for.

The Crescent is a large venue with a high-up stage that the bands can move around on. It has places to sit down but a great dance floor were mosh-pits can break out.

Behind The White Door takes place in the Fulford Arms pub and has a low stage so the audience and performers can interact. Although quite small it can hold lots of people and is great for dancing/moshing out.

Underneath City Screen cinema, is The Basement, a small pleasant venue that is quite laid back. With lots of places to sit it is perfect for acoustic gigs but can also cater to electric bands with places to stand and watch.

The Duchess is a larch venue with a high stage and a bar to separate performers from audiences. The Duchess is ideal for electric bands as there are plenty of places to stand and dance. Fibbers (along with the Duchess) is one of the biggest venues in York with large stage and a dance floor, but sofas, chairs and tables to sit on. It has  great lighting effects to enhance the show and a conveniently based BierKeller next door.

They are all host to great acts every week making it practically impossible to be bored on the average night. All these venues have developed a sense of a community and in turn, created a great scene.

Over the past few years so many amazing bands have sprouted from the  York scene with different styles and genres. The biggest names of this scene are: Bull – Poppy melodic songs and laid back rock. They have made and are selling their debut album, ‘She Looks Like Kim’. They have been on tour in London playing almost every night but are now back in York to entertain us, with song writing at its best.

Fat Spatula are a funky American rock band that could be compared to The Talking Heads. With amusing lyrics and an interesting guitar sound they continue to play great shows all around York and are selling their EP that you can find on Soundcloud.

…And The Hangnails Are a fast driven aggressive rock ‘n’ roll two-piece that can excite any crowd. They play in York regularly and only just headlined the Crescent on the 27th. They have released their first self-titled album that is available to buy on CD or to listen to on Spotify.

Dirtygirl- slacker punk rockers are four girls influenced by American punk bands like Bikini Kill. They have also been touring in London and can be heard on Soundcloud.

Junk – poppy melodic catchy tunes and have a spectacular loose out of tune feel found in bands like The Velvet Underground.

Other York-based/surrounding area bands you have got to see are: Sherbet Flies, Seep Away, Worm, Avalanche Party.

York has also got a spectacular acoustic scene to with singer songwriters such as The Lungs writing exciting  country-esque sing along songs with witty lyrics and deep voices meeting high. Rory Welbrock is another songwriter with catchy melodic tunes and free flowing lyrics that engrave themselves in your head. Sam Griffiths, sometimes accompanied by a band, writes catchy folk songs and has a unique voice. He could be compared to bands like Villagers. You can find all of  these albums on Spotify and see them at places like the golden ball, or their recent ‘Wilderland’ showcase at Dusk.

Over the past year new, younger bands have become part of the scene. Teenagers have started band and play regularly. Bands like the Mallrats that are a grunge band inspired by Nirvana, Eugene Gorgeous are an alternative rock band inspired by bands like The Velvet Underground and are headlining the Crescent on the 25th March with The Mallrats and a psychedelic 3-piece called the Glass Traps. The Black Lagoons are young band that have taken off recently. With their wild stage presence and fast paces pumping songs, they play regularly in York and are playing in London later this year. An E.P is expected soon and you can hear them on Soundcloud.

York’s music scene is one of the best in the country and will inevitably take off. With legendary venues and legendary bands and  you must take a look at what it has to offer.

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