Album Review: 3TEETH – EndEx

By Jay Mitchell
By September 21, 2023 Album, Reviews

3TEETH are back with their fourth album EndEx and it’s a whole experience. The LA based band began the process of making EndEx during the covid pandemic and finished the album earlier this year. Soundtracking the post-covid world, EndEx is industrial metal carnage crafted for a dystopian world.

They waste no time firing into ‘Xenogenesis’. With shades of Rammstein from the start, there’s no easing you into the album. Huge guitars, screamed vocals and synthesizers attack you from every angle only leaving you wanting more.

‘Acme Death Machine’ feels like a glimpse of where metal is heading, with robotic voices taking over mid-song before unleashing a barrage of drums and guitars. ‘Slum Planet’ keeps the Rammstein feel, while still feeling fresh. The track is bouncy and has an ear worm of a chorus which is sure to get stuck in your head.

The feeling of some form of technological apocalypse is not lost at any point of the album. ‘What’s Left’ and ‘Merchant of the Void’ use electronic sounds throughout which combined with the huge metal tones create the perfect sounds for this theoretical apocalypse.

‘Higher Than Death’ doesn’t hit as hard as the previous tracks, with a slightly slower tempo and chorus that doesn’t quite reach the heights of other songs. ‘ALI3N’ picks up the pieces that ‘Higher Than Death’ dropped though placing you back in that destructive dystopian world. Immediately feeling like the track would be perfect as an instrumental for a DOOM game, it’s a definite high point of EndEx.

‘Plutonomicon’ again takes away from the momentum that has been building on the album at the beginning. The slower tempo for the first half of the song makes it feel like it’s dragging, before the robotic voices return and the song is transformed. Huge riffs come out of nowhere, screamed vocals return and a series of drum fills completely change the track for the better.

‘Paralyze’ is certainly different to anything else on EndEx with it featuring a rap verse from Ho99o9. The track ends with some questionable moans as well that seem both random and out of place. ‘Scorpion’ is another blazing metal track which has everything you could want before ‘Drift’ completely slows things down and doesn’t offer a whole lot to the overall album.

The last track on the album is a cover and one of the most random covers I’ve ever heard. Putting their spin on Tears For Fears hit ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’, it lacks any metal tones with synthesizers being the most present instrument on the track. Weird choice, and certainly and strange way to end the album.

For the most part EndEx is a look into the future of industrial metal. Even with a few tracks feeling misplaced or even completely out of place, it doesn’t distract much from the overall feel of the album. Slowly painting a picture, EndEx is the ideal soundtrack to a bleak dystopia. Combining metal tones with electronic sounds, 3TEETH have experimented with every sound imaginable to create their vision of the future.