Album Review: Nova Twins – ‘Supernova’

By Dom Smith
By June 13, 2022 Album, Reviews

One of the most prolific bands in recent memory has been Nova Twins – the band amalgamate alternative rock, metal and punk in an affecting and powerful way that appeals to global audiences. Nova Twins are award winners, and game changers, inspiring various communities on, and off stage, and we are all seemingly absolutely here for it.

You know, we don’t do many reviews these days – managing the site, working and whatever else is going on just means it’s not always possible to post news, conduct interviews and review stuff (when it’s mainly me doing stuff, nowadays). ANYHOOO, this is a special record for heavy music in 2022, by a special band that will continue to take the country, and the world by storm in the coming months and years. Like I mentioned, it’s a global thing, mate.

With the hypnotic groove-ridden power of ‘Antagonist’, Nova Twins have created a future alt-club anthem, and mosh-pit ready festival banger, another great example of that commercially accessible alt-metal is ‘Fire & Ice’ with its diverse influences.  ‘K.M.B’ meanwhile is dark, brooding and seductive – the vocal performances here are awesome, and the lyrical content is spiteful, a definite standout for me, showing the duality of the band. Twins blend pop sensibilities throughout this record – part P!nk, part Skindred – on ‘A Dark Place For Somewhere Beautiful’, and ‘Enemy’ most notably to a resounding effect. Stunning stuff.

Favourite tracks: ‘Antagonist’, ‘Enemy’

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