Album Review: Three Minute Heroes – ‘#HearMeOut’

By June 27, 2017 Album, Reviews

Three Minute Heroes is revolutionising the relationship between music, those who use it as a means for finding a purpose, and those who just need something to feel connected to when they feel distant from everything else in their life. Allowing teens to get what is on their minds out into the world, and heard by other teens going through the same things is such a unifying notion!

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What makes this particular go at it even more attention grabbing, is that these teens aren’t just getting their words out into the world, they’re also getting to hear their words in a new and melodious way. These teens who send in their negative or depressive thoughts to Three Minute Heroes gain the ability to hear those thoughts as a song, which can allow them to think of their low points differently. In other words, the sadness that they once had, now has a chance to turn a corner and become something to grow from.

Besides what Three Minute Heroes is doing for their submitters and their listeners, they are producing music that is unique and unifying. Something that really sticks out about #HearMeOut is that every single track is completely different from the last. The playlist begins with Mamma’s Boy performed by Fronteers, a piece-y and chaotic track which is clearly communicating the frustration the songwriter has towards their mother. The piece flows beautifully as the anger that the writer has towards his mom is so vibrantly clear in the music. The piano sticks out like a sore thumb. If there was one part of the song (besides the undoubtedly annoyed lyrics of course) that spewed out the writer’s frustration, it would be that gosh darn piano! If instruments could talk like humans, it would be screaming “I’VE HAD ENOUGH!” at the top of its lungs! Fronteers created the most satisfyingly angry yet catchy sound for what the writer had to offer.

Continuing on, to prove my point that each track is unique, let’s jump down to the fourth track called Home, performed by The Mighty and the Moon. Contrasting with Mamma’s Boy, Home has a slow and passionate sound, telling the story of a life plagued by the death of an individual’s family members and having to stay strong. The heart breaking chorus talks about just wanting home “just for one night”. As the music fades out, the last line of the song is “but now I am brave and I hope you will see how much I have grown standing here next to your grave”. I think this line is very powerful seeing as this person has gone through so much yet is still going on with their life, as well as coping with major loss, it’s empowering! What’s so special about this song is, not only is this person overcoming major obstacles, but they are also getting their story out into the world, and have created a beacon of light for other teens who have gone through a traumatic life event such as this one. Apart from Mamma’s Boy and Home, the Three Minute Heroes #HearMeOut playlist includes many more unique and tantalising tracks for those of us going through….honestly WHATEVER it may be! From Over Think performed by El Whaeko about one’s personal battle with their own mind, to Dance: Happy Dance performed by Waste of Paint which basically talks about when all else fails, even if everything is going wrong, you can still cancel out all the bad by being yourself, doing what you want, or just doing your own happy dance! Three Minute Heroes is taking music in an ever-so-important direction by getting more than just the performers involved in the making of music. They are unifying teens who are going through the insanity that is life.

Beautiful things have already come from it, and I cannot wait to see what is to come.