Live Review: Alien Ant Farm [Academy, Manchester] January 15, 2016

By Dom Smith
By January 25, 2016 Live, Reviews

Alien Ant Farm are just one of those bands, man. You gotta love ’em. No, really. Catchy as fuck tunes, powerful choruses and suchlike. It’s just all pretty darn awesome. Tonight, after stellar sets from the ever-passionate InMe, and emerging, genre-blending alternative rock band, The Dirty Youth, AAF revisit (arguably) their finest hour in 2001’s monster record, ‘Anthology’.



The Ants have come a long way from ‘Anthology’, and that needs to be said first, because in this writer’s opinion, new album ‘Always And Forever’ is an absolute rival, but that’s not the focus of tonight, this is the Antiversary!

All the hits are here, ‘Movies’ is monolithic in its delivery, and ‘Attitude’ comes across like the alternative rock classic it never quite got to be in the mainstream. Explosive! Really, it’s absolutely wonderful to see Alien Ant Farm are still going strong in 2016, and in a recent interview, we found at that new material is a lock-in. Yaay!

Nu-metal is dead, sadly, but great quality ant-music and alternative music will always survive. The fans have an amazing time tonight, and there are few bands that can combine rock nostalgia (yes, THAT Smooth Criminal cover is still just as good as it was…), with absolute relevancy (go and listen to ‘Always And Forever’ like…now!) so very well. Bloody smashing stuff.



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