Live Review: Blood Red Shoes [The Cockpit, Leeds] May 2, 2014

By May 3, 2014 Live, Reviews

The strength of Blood Red Shoes’ material can’t be denied. From the beginning to end of the set tonight, the good vibes are flowing. It’s the beginning of Live At Leeds, and there’s so many good people in attendance – we see bands from our home city of York, friends from Leeds, it’s just a great setting for a wonderful band to pretty much blow our faces off with epic riffs and jackhammer drumming.

Blood Red Shoes

Slaves start off the night with their own unique brand of comedy-infused punk. Tonnes of energy, and one of the most entertaining drummers we’ve seen in a good while. The highlight track is the bulldozing ‘Where’s Your Car Debbie’; So much fun. This lot completely blow us away, and whatever you’re into they’re likely to do the same to you!

Now for BRS, who come out to see us in a blaze of flashing lights and er…redness. Their set is made up of classic tracks like ‘Cold’ and the ultimate highlight, ‘Light It Up’, matched up with newer blasters including ‘An Animal’. The wonderful thing about this two-piece is that there’s no time for pretension. The two musicians are so focused on their instruments, that all they want to is play and rock out – nothing too glamorous, just a perfect (or as close as you can get) rock show, with some pretty lights thrown in. For a long time now, Blood Red Shoes have been one of the UK’s standout alternative bands, and here tonight, with tracks as emotive as ‘Heartsink’ and dedicated fans feeling fine as they chant and fist-pump along, it really is an exciting time to be a rock music fan in Yorkshire and indeed around the rest of the country.