Live Review: HEALTH [Gorilla, Manchester] October 27, 2015

By October 30, 2015 Live, Reviews

HEALTH are just one of those fucking bands. One of those fucking bands that, well…just wanna make a load of really fucking cool electronic-noise-rock that is definitely, most certainly different, and more infectious than most everything else out there, and that’s mint.

HEALTH live one

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A bulldozing set of killer live electronics and excellently timed riff-fuelled breakdowns await us. ‘Stonefist’ sounds mega alongside older material the likes of ‘Die Slow’ and ‘Tears’. HEALTH prove tonight that they are one of the most diverse alternative acts on the planet, and if you’re into noise, industrial, freakin’ witch-house, or new wave music, there’s something here for you to enjoy; the power and passion of HEALTH is undeniable, and you’ll never see anything like it.


HEALTH live two

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Images: Kat Gillat