Live Review: Hijak Oscar [February 13, 2015] Fibbers, York

By February 23, 2015 March 2nd, 2015 Live, Reviews

Hijak Oscar are back, and this is a very good thing indeed. Unique energy, vibrance and passion all pulled together with the help of some of York’s finest musicians.

Hijak Oscar

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Oh yes, Alice Ostapjuk, Stu Fletcher (We Could Be Astronauts) and Joel Whitaker (Asio’s Eyes) have joined original members, Tim Fox, Dave Hartley and Carl Hetherington as part of the band, and it is awesome. Tracks like ‘Social Immunity’ and set highlight, ‘Cral Heathen’ are epically raw, and really fun; there’s no groove quite like a Hijak groove, and it’s wonderful to experience this strong vibe in 2015. The band is tight, well practiced, and Mister Fox – tortured artist that he is – hasn’t missed a step.

Hijak’s performance tonight (along with frenzied, and delightful supports from the ever-wonderful Asio’s and La Petite Mort) expertly showcases York’s creative soul. This is a city with real credibility, and such talent oozing from every corner. Everybody dance with us, it’s the Reunion Ball, baby! Welcome back, Hijak – it’s real good to see you again.


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