Live Review: The 1975 [O2 Apollo, Manchester]

By September 30, 2014 Live, Reviews

The thing about The 1975 is that, underneath all the pretty boy sheen, flowery shirts and copious amounts of wine, there’s a fucking decent rock band.



Nobody can deny that this band’s rise to fame has been in-part due to the almost boy band-esque vibes that Matty Healy and co. present, but watching tonight, and seeing the soul and the passion of this band in action, there can be no doubt that they have all the substance behind the glamour. We’re metal fans, we can say this and really mean it. We’ve got mad respect for these pretty people, and the awesome sax action. Also, did you know MH grew up listening to Glassjaw…? No, well. There’s that.

Tracks like opener ‘The City’ and the sax-tinged ‘Heart Out’ (yes, there’s tonnes of sex….sax appeal tonight from new member/player, John Waugh), are real highlights of tonight, the band’s fourth hometown show at Manchester 02 Apollo. Some people might call them pretentious, some people might say geniuses, but regardless of whatever bullshit tag you want to give them, they’re great musicians…the guitars are particularly tight, and the drums are just killer. Funny dudes, with good hearts getting mega-rich making music that everybody (mostly teenage girls…) can love. Can’t go wrong with that type of formula, eh? Good vibes, and an amazing crowd. Manchester, as ever, we love you.

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