Live Review: The Prodigy [First Direct Arena, Leeds] November 13, 2018

By November 14, 2018 Live, Reviews

My left arm is wet. I remember this vividly as the thronging crowd rise up as ‘Firestarter’ kicks in at the ram-packed First Direct Arena. Why just that arm? Realisation hits hard.

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I spent the last song pressed up against the guy next to me, he is sweaty and so now am I. It’s not surprising really. Everyone here is. The arena has been one massive legal rave ever since Rene LaVice got the party going an hour and a half ago.


After a brief respite, the opening bars of Breathe took the crowd into whole new levels of euphoria as The Prodigy burst onto the stage and blind us with a stunning display of lights and dance.

It’s Tuesday night and the “Party People” are here with bodies dancing like that freaky scene in Matrix Reloaded. A lost tribe of people who just want to enjoy the good vibes, fuelled by the music and energy pounding off the stage and a light show that deserves almost as much credit as the band.

The Prodigy’s new seventh album, ‘No Tourists’, comes into its own live, as the new songs sit perfectly amongst a set which is ferocious in its non-stop barrage of proper anthems. As the lights come up, I realise again that my left arm is wet…along with my right and the rest of me…and smile.