Live Review: Falling in Reverse – Live From The Unknown Part One

By April 19, 2021 April 21st, 2021 Listen, Live, Music, Reviews

Words: Melanie Parkin

Fans of Falling in Reverse were treated to a truly outstanding live stream showcase this weekend – ‘Live From The Unknown Part One’.  A virtual experience like no other, a mix of being in a music video and at a live show all at the same time. Falling in Reverse gave us a visual masterpiece with stunning effects but this not taking away from Ronnie’s captivating charisma oozing through the screen.

They opened the show with  ‘The Drug in Me is You Reimagined’ a stripped back track highlighting Ronnie’s vocal range hooking you into the unknown through their provoking lyrics. A powerful piece to begin. Throughout the rest of the show they took us on a journey, taking us back to their earlier work such as ‘Born to Lead’; then flashing forward to tracks like ‘Fuck You and All Your Friends.’ In homage to Ronnie’s previous band life, they a surprise cover of ‘Situations’. A diverse set sure to have pleased new and life-long fans alike, knowing that if a favourite did not appear it may be performed in Part Two. Closing they took us back to the powerful and catchy, ‘Just Like You’. 

The show did not solely focus upon Ronnie but showed the band and their talents entirely. You could feel the passion radiating from them as they performed; seeing it evidently across their faces. They wanted to give the fans a show and my word they did just that, each song delivered as if it was their very first. The energetic, high fuelled performance was addictive; leaving you feeling uplifted wanting to rewatch – which if you buy a ticket you can actually for a limit period after its first showing. 

Let’s see what Part Two brings on April 30th; if you’ve not already got tickets go get one now.  


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