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Succubbi is an incredibly talented model whom we thought enough of to make the face of SPHERE when it was nought but a humble student project. So, we thought it was only fair she got to share her story. Living and working in Newcastle-upon-Tyne she is a determined and eager alt-model who will take every opportunity going. We talk to her a little bit about Northern pride, her passion and her career.

S] How did you get into alternative modelling?

Succubbi] I’d often been told I should try modelling since the age of 15, but I was way too shy then. When I was 18 I had colorectal surgery (most of my large gut removed) for severe Crohn’s Disease and when I’d recovered enough I had changed my perspective on life and wanted to seize the opportunity to try new things (the stereotypical ‘life’s too short’ motto applies I guess!) I also decided I needed a confidence boost after having looked at a bloated ‘moon face’ for a year spent on steriod treatment.
So, I posted a few of my own digital camera pics onto, and a forum entry asking if anyone was interested in working with me. Surprisingly, I got some interest and even more so, was offered money to make a trip to London for my first shoot. I actually still had a colostomy bag when I had my first couple of shoots. I felt nervous and paranoid that it would show through my clothing, but during my first shoot I actually got to view the pics as I went along, and was amazed that I just looked ‘normal’, in fact I looked great! And I left wanting to do more.

S] What are the usual requirements?

Succubbi] They always come to me, usually for the long black hair and typical ‘Goth’ look, plus I can do my own make-up, which is always a bonus for photographers.

S] What has been the most extreme thing or shoot you have ever had to do?

Succubbi] I haven’t really done anything extreme when it comes to photography, apart from sometimes looking ‘extreme/ hardcore’, I’ve had to face somewhat bad weather up here, particularly at seaside locations, once nearly got stuck in the wet sand on Tynemouth beach, it didn’t help that I was wearing five inch heels.

S] Do you have any other interesting alternative side occupations?

Succubbi] I do a little bit of design and ebay the results. I mainly make cyber hairfalls, and sell led finger lights, over the past couple of years in the scene I’ve somewhat reintroduced the craze back into the clubbing world, and they’re a very popular seller! I also sell off most of my outfits after wearing them once! I’m totally into recycling!
As for my main source of income, I’ve just started a job as a Technical Support Advisor, it involves having to know about Broadband/wireless connections and digital TV.. it’s nice to finally have a job where I get to use some intellect, I’d only ever been a Waitress or Sales Assistant before now, put that with ‘being a model’ and some people just don’t have any respect. 

S] Whats great about Newcastle and your regular clubs like Tech Noir over being down south?

Succubbi] As a Geordie lass, I’m always going to be proud at the good attitude of the locals in and around Newcastle, there’s just a generally friendly atmosphere, and that’s actually why I have a job in a Call Centre, they’re becoming popular up here as big companies know we’re good for customer friendly service!

As for a night out, I usually only manage clubbing once or twice a month – to Legends Rock Club and always to their Industrial and EBM night,Tech Noir, as with most of the other clubbers there, I go to catch up with everyone and have a general laugh and dance, it’s like our own monthly community meeting for the North East scene, people come down from Scotland and the borders, and others are always making the short trek up from Leeds and Durham. They often bring new faces and they’re always a welcomed addition. Everyone who’s been before is in the know that they’ll enjoy their night hanging out with all of their friends, and there’s almost always someone holding an afterparty where we all wind down after the long night. I love making trips down to London, but to me, that’s what makes it special when I do go, it’s only a trip. When I go it’s usually for a photoshoot and I find a random club to go to if I have the evening to spare, I’ve also done a few planned trips to go to specific clubs, and check out the London Industrial scene, I found that I enjoyed it and the people were accepting of a new face joining them for the night, but it didn’t have quite the same comforts as TN. I’ve often found that most people within London seem to be a little reserved in making others welcome, or keep to their own clique a little more than when I go to TN, it’s possibly a little to do with the fast paced lifestyle, and not usually having time to spend with and getting to know others more I guess. Some people would say it’s snobbery, but I blame the dog eat dog way of life. I know I’ve never heard anyone in London say thank you to their bus driver! Or allow you past on a road crossing! And actually, when I think of it, I’m pretty sure the people that have introduced themselves whilst i was there turned out to be Northerners too!

For more on Succubbi check out her Myspace, also, visit ‘Suc’s Shop’ for clothes and more.

Also, please check out the work of Mister Digital on Myspace and on Net-Model.

NOTE: We would like to take the time to thank Succubi and Mister Digital for providing the basis and inspiration for the physical project which has led to this site. It all started with a photo. [S]

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