Model Spotlight: Harriet Isobel

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By August 8, 2014 August 25th, 2016 Model, Spotlight

For our first model spotlight, we chat to Harriet Isobel.


S] How did you get started?

H] “As soon as I decided I wanted to try modelling, I started researching as much as I could. I looked into the different genres of modelling and chose which one suited me the most. As soon as I knew what route I wanted to put my main focus on, I began contacting local photographers to try and get a portfolio together, and I also signed up to a few modelling websites as well to begin networking.

I’ve never been with an agency, even though I have had offers, I feel I can do more research for myself than anyone else would be able to devote the time to. Personally, I have never paid for a photoshoot, but sometimes when you are trying to set up a portfolio and starting out, it will benefit you to pay for the best experience you can get.”


S] What’s been a highlight of your career?

H] “I’ve been doing modelling for just over a month, there have been many highlights, overall just how much I am doing with it! I’ve been lucky enough to have a few interviews and features, which is all good experience and promotion for me, and not to be big headed but I am extremely proud of every thing I have achieved in such a short space of time. The main highlight for me has been how far my confidence and self esteem has come.”

S] What advice would you give to up-and-coming models in today’s industry?

H] “It’s not an easy thing to break into, don’t expect to get rich over night or make money straight away! You really have to want it to go far with it, but just like everything in life; if you are determined enough you will succeed. You can fully expect to get negativity thrown at you, and people will try to throw you off course, but you have to not let it deter you. You have to live your life for you, and you only. If you want it, you do it! No matter what anyone else says.

It helps if you have support from those around you, but it’s not a necessity. I didn’t have that much because a lot of people didn’t know I was doing it, and I’ve still managed. I would just like to say that even if it’s a slow start, pursue it, you never know what’s around the next bend.”

S] What would you say the biggest challenge you face on a daily basis is?

H] “Judgement of other people. Being a model you are typically judged on how you look, it’s difficult being turned down for anything, but it happens on a daily basis so you just have to grit your teeth and get on with it. If you can’t deal with not always getting what you want then this really isn’t the industry for you, people are very, very specific, and if you don’t fit the requirements there’s not a lot you can do! Obviously the more versatile you are, the better, and the further you can expect to go.”

S] What keeps you passionate outside of modelling – movies, reading, games etc?

H] “Outside of modelling I do a lot of research into fashion and the alternative scene, I am always looking for new inspiration and thinking about photo shoots, even when I’m not doing it! I also write, sing, listen to music, spend time with friends/family, and love and care for my eight pets!”

(Photographer Credit: Paul Howell)

(Model, Make up, and hair: Harriet Isobel)

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