Anger Party release new single, ‘Eat You Alive’

By Dom Smith
By January 13, 2023 London, News

‘ANGER PARTY’ is set to plague your mind. Inviting you into the deep dark corners of their world ANGER PARTY have today (Friday 13th January, unlucky for some) which is no coincidence, announced that they have signed to Silent Cult and also unveiled their debut offering ‘Eat You Alive’.

In their debut single ANGER PARTY spearhead an abrasive yet beautifully captivating sound that takes over the listeners body as if they were literally being eaten alive. The band are a fever of emotions showcasing bursts of frantic chaos that simulates that of a modern society. With a lot to say but nothing to prove this debut track is a breath-taking movement that lays everything out on the table (literally).

Watch the official ‘Dexter Inspired’ music video for ‘Eat You Alive’ right here:

This first glimpse of the 3-piece sees a hauntingly twisted ‘Dexter Kill Room’ styled music video. Fitting with the release date being Friday 13th January.

“Blood, guts, flayed flesh and a shattered smile – these are the things that plague our minds. ‘Eat You Alive’ explores the surreal, menacing corners of our nightmares and how they breach the lines of reality in a modern world.” Guitarist Owen Claxton.

The band have already made a big impact on the scene with this debut single premiering on BBC Radio 1’s Future Alternative before they even have any music released to the public.