Game Review: WWE 2K19

By October 6, 2018 Reviews, Video Games / Gaming

Right, I’ve played the game! It’s the best thing 2K have come out with, regarding Story Mode, and indeed, this is the most exciting aspect of this year.


2K Games have really gone all out with the story this year – zombies, well thought-out dialogue and the lot. I mean, it’s a bit ridiculous that you can’t be anybody but an American dude called Buzz…yes, Buzz. But, having that aspect really helps the dialogue flow. The Story seems shorter, and more concise, and thank god there’s no more walking about backstage! You’ll come up through an indie promotion, invade NXT, wrestle Nakamura at the Tokyo Dome, and err, join Matt Hardy in the Woken Universe. Delightful.

There are some really cool added Modes like Tower (Dark Side pits you against The Ascension, Bray Wyatt, Kane and Undertaker, for example) which gives the game a cool Mortal Kombat vibe (pictured). Indeed, this plays into the much more…err, playful tone of 2k19, it’s a game after all, and for the first time in a very long time, 2K have created something that, for die-hard wrestling fans won’t get bored of after a few hours. Worth noting is the return of Showcase Mode; something that features Daniel Bryan (or Brian Danielson)’s journey, this year, so that’ll be a fun one for his legions, and legions of fans. Yes! Yes! And so on, and so bloody forth.

The gameplay itself is miles better, and much more intuitive than its ever been before, while the graphics have been improved too. 2K19, pretty much is everything that 2K18 should have been. Of all the 2k titles that you’ve bought and felt cheated buy, for our money, this is actually worth it. No, really.

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