Hull alternative indie band, Deadset release ‘The Art of Pointscoring’

By Editor
By May 26, 2023 Hull, News

DEADSET have released their highly charged, emotive debut single THE ART OF POINTSCORING via Mandemolish Records, based in their hometown of Hull. It’s a track where the soaring guitar, a truly hypnotic bass line and a languid vocal shroud a deeply anguished lyric riddled with a resignation and despair. Watch the video here:

The band were formed just last year, originally a product of guitarist James Massey and vocalist Sam Mellors, who discovered a genuine bond over writing together after their previous project Girl Afraid ended abruptly. Their sound was moulded into a more claustrophobic, gritty and tense direction when bassist Adam Arnold and drummer Rio Campbell joined, taking the classic indie sensibilities of the two original members into harsher new territories. DEADSET truly came to life when the band wrote as a group and embraced each other’s musical preferences, their influences now relying to an extent on alternative 80s and 90s bands. You may hear a little Deftones here, a little Joy Division there.

The song is an earnest outlook on the toxic environment that can be birthed when you’re struggling to coordinate mental health issues,” says Sam Mellors from the band. “That apathy you experience in which you feel empathy but struggle to act upon it. It’s an ugly subject but writing about it in a vulnerable and genuine way helps to process and accept your own falsities and mistakes; and the accepting of a situation you can’t change when someone else is feeling the same, accepting both parties can make mistakes. It helps me learn vulnerability and forgive others whilst also learning how to change bad behaviour patterns myself.”

Striving to be ever more progressive and unique, the band’s live sound is renowned for fluctuating between genres. Chorus laden and loaded with fuzz and grit, DEADSET are a band trying and aspiring to escape the monotony of life in Hull.

Witness DEADSET live later in the year:


Fri 13 YORK Fulford Arms

Sat 14 HULL Dive