PILLGRIM shares official music video for ‘DESENSITISED’

By Dom Smith
By November 13, 2023 London, News

London based Dark Trap rapper PILLGRIM has today shared the official music video for the new single ‘DESENSITISED’. PILLGRIM lures us into his darkened dream-state world with the single ‘DESENSITISED’, a track that is a reflection to how dark, distrustful and poisonous we can become when wasting away in our sorrows. Stream ‘DESENSITISED’ here or watch the official music video below.

“At the time of writing this, I was completely drained, paranoid and senseless to everything around me. I couldn’t tell the difference between friends and enemies, love and sickness. It was as if I had drugged myself numb to the touch with dark thoughts, it disabled my sanity to the point my inner demons had taped it to a chair, locked all the doors and windows and taken full reign of my rotting mind. I was becoming sick, yet nobody could see as it was all in my head. I needed to… wake up!” – shares PILLGRIM.

Alongside the release of “DESENSITISED”, the second scripture being “Chapter Two: A Bath Filled With Intoxication” was released. “For those who dare to read, you can access this through the official PILLGRIM website, or as a printed copy hidden around the City of London”. Both accompanied with the ability to download a soundscape, giving fans the first impressions of “DESENSITISED”, mixed with SFX for the read along. Join the PILLGRIMAGE and subscribe to the mailing list for further announcements.