EP Review: Katie-Lou McCabe – ‘Katie In Colours’

By March 7, 2015 EP, Reviews

Katie-Lou McCabe is a singer/songwriter based in York. She has released her first EP ‘Katie In Colours’ and it is really something to behold. Katie Lou is a very original artist, her ‘Fairy folk’ music is inspiring and leaves you in awe when listened to.

Katie Lou

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The opening to track ‘Black Butterflies’ starts off with a wonderful, amiable guitar, and a fast drumbeat, giving the song a subtle country feel. It then settles into a quiet acoustic setting that Katie-Lou is so comfortable in, and we feel ourselves settling down in the pleasant atmosphere of this song. The track feels warm and comforting, the tone of Katie-Lou’s voice is serene and beautiful, and it compliments her acoustic guitar wonderfully. The soothing guitar sound still softly plays in the background, and is present throughout, giving the song depth and texture. We get a glimpse of the power Katie-Lou has in her voice at the end of the song, where her voice shines over a strong guitar riff, and we feel the volume and grandeur she has as a singer/songwriter.

Moving through the tracklist we come across songs like ‘Little Girl’, which start very mysteriously, and this is where Katie-Lou sets herself apart from other artists of the moment. Her “other-worldly” approach to songwriting gives her that distinctive, dreamy sound to her songs, and this is obvious in ‘Little Girl’ With an electric guitar accenting the notes played on her own acoustic guitar, this song has a delicate feel to it, it is not overpowering, it is gentle on your ears, and takes you to a whimsical place, without being too heavy. The story of this song tells of a young girls journey growing up into a woman, and Katie-Lou tells this magnificently with dreamy and poignant lyrics.

Katie-Lou’s influences for her intriguing lyrics are the works of poet William Blake and novelist Angela Carter, both who explore the darker side of the human mind, and it’s clear in K-Lou’s songwriting that she’s exploring similar topics. The minor chords in her songs turn them into something more moody and darker, but still with uplifting elements, she seems to find this balance of dark and light moods in her songs well.

The last song on her EP, ‘Tyger’ instantly grabs your attention with it’s opening riff, a fast-paced sequence using unusual notes, giving the song a curious starting point, but, once again like ‘Black Butterflies’ it settles into a peaceful acoustic setting that Katie-Lou excels in, and we feel ourselves getting comfortable and enjoying this exquisite piece of music. With a beautiful finger picking guitar riff, and accenting electric guitar chords, this song is dynamic, tranquil and very pretty.

Overall, Katie-Lou’s EP (also featuring the diverse talents of longtime musical soul-mates Jared and Dom from La Petite Mort, and A2M legend Paul Fothergill) is a gorgeous four-track playlist, with a glorious and fascinating feel to each song, captivating you with her mysterious story telling. The EP is available to download from Soundcloud now.