EP Review: Rosie – ‘Hammer In Hand’

By August 4, 2014 EP, Reviews

North East electro-rock band, Rosie, have recently come into a fair amount of exposure and popularity, leading to the release of their debut EP, ‘Hammer In Hand’. The five track EP is a lively and engaging combination of music and fun, the way it should be.

Rosie - Hammer In Hand

The four piece self-proclaimed “party-punk” band have become renowned in the Yorkshire and the North for their spirited live performances that include confetti canons, rave paint and much more. ‘Hammer In Hand’ EP is a short and very sweet display of that fervent personality through excellently crafted tracks that blend together electro beats with the classic indie rock formula that we all know and love. From the title track, ‘Hammer In Hand’, Rosie let us know right away that we’re in for something different with a solid industrial intro quickly followed by singer, Doug Wallace’s nostalgic vocals.

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With driving and youthful tracks such as ‘Water’ and ‘For The Love of God’, Rosie use eccentric lyrics and experimental electro beats to create a purely fun and boisterous sound. The band’s single, ‘Midnight’, which quickly gained exposure and praise on BBC 1, is a ‘dancey’ track with macabre lyrics over a simplistic, yet somehow complex sounding music display laced with haunting harmonies.

‘Hammer in Hand’ is a fast and fun collection of tracks that keeps you moving from start to finish, which seems to be Rosie’s goal from the beginning. The band’s coupling of electro and indie with a healthy dose of rock has already created a buzz in the music industry and this EP is sure to push them over the edge in the best possible way.