EP Review: Sewer Rats – ‘Mother Acid’

By December 6, 2016 EP, Reviews

Stoner-grunge outfit Sewer Rats’ new EP, ‘Mother Acid’, released officially on the 25th of November through Warren Records, is packed full of energy from start to finish. It is a glorious recollection of old sounds in rock music that have been sorely missed by many. The Immingham trio’s particular sound is one you would hear if The Melvins drank a lot of coffee before playing a gig.



From the moment the title track kicks in after its fuzzy guitar, the listener is treated to an immersive wave of emotive music. The drummer tirelessly blasts away in half-time as the guitar and bass churn through the song to make your head rock intuitively. Setting the tone for the rest of the album, the vocals are screamed with full enthusiasm. I personally could not understand a word of what was said, but it was passionate all the same. The song just sounds so fun to listen to – it gives off a lot of infectious energy.

The Melvins comparison extends further to ‘Take Me Home’, a fantastic slugger of a track. An incredibly catchy chorus holds company with angry verses that radiate liveliness that has not existed in modern rock music for so long. Various grunge revivals have taken place over the years in northern England but no scene so far has managed to deliver to the mainstream, in part due to the globalised scene of the Internet. It would be advisable for Sewer Rats to focus on sharing this track with the wider world, as there are a lot of people who are seeking a sound just like this.

The third song in the EP, ‘I Need You Now’, starts off slower than the others before launching into the half-time rhythm explored previously. Crunching bass and guitar also evoke the same feelings as collected from the title track, although with less captivating fury. The music sways to and fro’ like a tree on a mildly windy day. Out of all the songs on the EP, this is the song to listen to on a day of rest – perhaps a Sunday – while you study the Bible and think about Jesus. The sound can be compared to Seattle band ‘Tad’.

The characteristic swaying rhythm continues into the fourth track, ‘Mary Stole The Sun’, with the Mudhoney-esque fuzzy guitar a prominent feature of the whole composition. Fifth and final track ‘MXE’ is a straightforward and rockin’ conclusion to the EP, wrapping up all the tracks nicely. The air of melancholy in the final song provides a nice send-off to Sewer Rats’ release.

To summarise: ‘Mother Acid’ is a strong effort from Sewer Rats. It is very energetic and will entertain all fans of grunge young and old. It is very intriguing to consider how the band will continue to develop in the near future. A strong recommendation!

Words: George Pickering