EP Review: ShotsFired- ‘Warpath’

By February 25, 2015 EP, Reviews

Leeds-based hardcore quartet ShotsFired released their debut EP ‘Warpath’ on February 2, and we had a listen…

ShotsFired Warpath EP coverart


The initial impact of the sombre and dilapidated artwork is a great visual tale paralleling the depth of the deep and murky tracks that are to come.
A guttural growl smacks you in the face as opening track Vermin is unleashed, a dark march with frenzied vocals in abundance.

Energising riffs kick out of the speakers; a frantic but rhythmic Lion’s Den consists of group shouts, pinched harmonics squealing over a grimey and just plain dirty bass snarl – all the delectable ingredients a hardcore track ought to possess. A hefty breakdown drives the song out into a soft interlude. A much needed chance to catch your breath to a somewhat haunting backdrop, which nicely breaks up the EP into two halves; a brief comedown before hitting with full force into riff laden Enemies With Everyone that tears into your eardrums from point zero finally descending into a sludgy mass of dirty guitar tones.
The EP’s title track Warpath is a massive tune full of everything that would get a crowd jumping. Sirens blazing, huge guitars, apoplectic drum beat, spine tingling screams and guitar harmonies duelling to the death in fleeting snippets.

Overall, a solid piece of metal/hardcore with some killer riffs and badass breakdowns- well worthy of a listen. See them headline at The Intake Club in Mansfield on the February 28. If the EP is anything to go by, it’ll be a hellraiser.