Venus Grrrls release unapologetic new single, Hex

By Meg Barton
By November 16, 2023 Leeds, News

A band born from the legacy of Riot Grrrl, Venus Grrrls are an alternative rock band from Leeds who have a lot to say.

Revenge is a dish best served hexed. Bringing the misdeeds of men to light through dark magic, Venus Grrrls see no reason to hold back. Speaking out about the far too common experience of harassment, Hex draws on a negative encounter the band shared. Demanding the tracks antagonist faces the consequences of his actions, these Grrrls want to encourage other victims of such incidents to come forward and reclaim their power by calling out perpetrators 

“Hex is an ode to womankind, touching on the universal experience of harassment. In the landscape of Hex, there are consequences for such behaviour, and generates a reality where we take the power back for ourselves. We are scared, and we are frustrated with the tale as old as time; we all have a story when we shouldn’t,” says frontwoman, Grace Kelly.

Hex is driving, combining twinkling synths with raspy guitar lines, it’s a dark and somewhat gothic female empowerment anthem. Potent yet soft, Hex masterfully discusses negative discourses in a way that claws its way back into power.

2023 saw the return of Venus Grrrls, releasing searing singles; Lidocaine and Liar Liar, which reflect on Grace Kelly’s recovery from leukaemia. The grrrls have since found themselves on two Spotify editorial covers (Shockwave and Fresh Finds UK and IE) as well as landing themselves on Amazon Music’s Breakthrough Rock and Fresh Rock playlists. They have even received national radio play on BBC Radio 1 from Jack Saunders, Alyx Holcombe and as Nels Hylton’s Future Flavour.

With their live return in full swing, Venus Grrrls are marching forward on the path they carved themselves.